Garcia Miranda

Bernardino Garcia AKA Three-Fingered Jack
(a presentation we gave at the January Los Californianos meeting)


This is the culmination of the research I have been doing for many years on the Garcia - Miranda family of California. These are the ancestors and children of Francisco Javier Leandro Garcia and Maria Lucia Evangelista Miranda, both born in Contra Costa County in the mid 1800s and both direct descendents of the original colonizing expeditions of California.

Here you will find family tree information under the surname index, biographies of selected individuals, stories, and a whole lot of California history.

You will be astounded (like I was!) to find out the whole story of our "Spanish" ancestors. Researching them has been one of the great highlights of my life.

A work in progress...

Since I have accumulated a ton of information, this site will definitely be a work in progress in addition to being a labor of love!

I urge any family members who would like to learn further (or would like to add themselves and their immediate family to the family tree) to contact me and/or sign the guestbook!

Your Primo!
Pat Garcia

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